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Daily use of glue

  • Update:05-02-2017
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    In any adhesive situation, the key to success is to acc […]

    In any adhesive situation, the key to success is to accept the appropriate adhering for the job in hand.

    Clear household

    Also accepted as general-purpose adhesive, it has a cellophane actualization if dry. Suitable for bearings area A decidedly able band is not required.

    Where to use: On bendable adjustable plastics canvas, some metals, card, cork, leather, hardboard, fabric, and cloth.

    How to Apply: Where surfaces are absorbent spread the glue onto one surface and press both surfaces together firmly. Otherwise spread a think film on both surfaces leave for a brief moment and then press the two items together for several minutes.

    How to Remove: While still wet use a damp cloth to remove access then use acetone or nail polish remover to rub away at the adhesive.

    The Good and The Bad: Can not be used on polythene, polypropylene or polystyrene as it eats into the surface, it is not suitable for repairing pottery and similar heavy items as the glue is not strong enough. be careful around varnished surfaces as this glue can lift the varnish off a surface and damage it.


    A rubber-based adhesive in white and clear formulations. It produces a flexible bond.

    Where to use: Ideal for repairs on fabric, upholstery, rubber, paper wood, and toys.

    How to Apply: If the materials are lightweight or delicate avoid adhesive penetration by applying a thin coat

    to each surface letting it sit till the glue becomes semi-transparent and then pushing the two surfaces together. For other materials apply a light coat to one surface and push together and secure for several minutes.

    How to Remove: Comes off easily with a damp cloth when the glue is still wet, when dry pick off the access glue and scrape with a sharp knife for fabrics you will need a solvent cleaner.

    The Good and The Bad: A useful adhesive to have on hand for small touch ups, this latex glue also comes in a non toxic variety for childrens use.