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Hot Melt Adhesive Needs the Corresponding Equipment to Heat

  • Update:14-04-2017
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    Due to the fact that the melt is in a molten state and […]

    Due to the fact that the melt is in a molten state and it can flow into its application space effortlessly, the hot melt adhesive can be processed very quickly and the productivity is ensured. Only need less time to achieve full coverage, along with the adhesive glue gun can also be quickly applied. It is for this reason and the full production convenience, many manufacturers use this glue.

    For untrained eyes, pre-melted hot melt adhesives look like a thin or large plastic cylinder. The thinner cylinders allow faster heating and are often used for process and home use. Larger diameter hot melt adhesives are often used for industrial purposes. Once the glue gun is inserted, the adhesive is heated to become a hot-melt adhesive which can be easily applied to the surface of the selected object. Pre-fused forms are available in a variety of sizes to suit different guns, purpose and surface types.

    The great thing about hot melt adhesives is that there are a wide variety of compounds available, which means that specific glue is designed for different materials. Unlike other adhesive products, hand-held equipment with hot-melt adhesives is as important as the adhesive itself. Without a glue gun, there is no way to heat the adhesive to the proper temperature or to apply it exactly to the surface of the object.

    The hot melt adhesive is designed to heat the solid stick and allow the user to precisely apply the glue to the desired place. There are many types of glue guns available, depending on the size of the sticks, and it can also reach the temperature required for different sticks. Many brands develop their own equipment, especially for specific glue products. Depending on the type of glue and the type of gun, the use of hot melt may be different. However, in general, insert the stick into the back of the gun. Once the gun is heated, the glue begins to melt. The rod is then manually driven by the trigger on the squeeze gun, or simply push the stick with the thumb. It is easy for the user to control and release the flow of hot melt on the substrate.