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Meet to the Needs of High performance Lamination Adhesive Manufacturer

  • Update:07-02-2017
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    The consensus is that the Lamination Adhesive market si […]

    The consensus is that the Lamination Adhesive market size is estimated to be 70,000 tonnes a year, for lamination adhesive applications. None of the manufacturers expect growth within Western Europe or North America; only in Asia and China where new converting capacity is being built as consumer eating habits change.

    External legislative factors

    Our awareness, Joyachem focus and uncompromising commitment to customer service and satisfaction in the fast-moving packaging industry has made us a world leader in technology for flexible laminating adhesives.

    Our laminate adhesives cover the full range of laminating applications with solvent and solvent-free products to meet any flexible packaging needs, from medical packaging to tea and coffee packaging.

    Central to our strategy is our dedication to long term partnerships with our packaging customers. So, if you need a custom formulation to meet a specific process, or want more information on using any of our flexible packaging laminate adhesives, contact our technical team today.

    Laminate adhesive: industrial adhesives applications

    Joyachem innovative adhesive systems are used across the flexible packaging industry for paper, film and foils conversion.

    Our solvent-free products are specially designed to provide an environmentally-friendly, low cost adhesive for production at high speed, in accordance with the latest food regulations. This makes these adhesives perfect for general purpose applications like film-to-film and film-to-metallized film for candy, salty snacks, bakery, meat and cheese packaging.

    In addition, our solvent-based adhesives offer very versatile products, easy handling and fast curing adhesives designed to withstand the rigors of retort applications in food packaging and deliver exceptional performance in packaging that must tolerate the most aggressive ingredients. Our solvent-based adhesives are ideal for general purpose, film-to-film lamination with a high bond strength, low solvent retention and good wetting for cheese and meat vacuum packaging.