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Solvent Free Adhesive Will Gradually Develop

  • Update:19-04-2017
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    The adhesive is a viscous material that connects the tw […]

    The adhesive is a viscous material that connects the two separate materials together by their adhesive properties. Solvent-free adhesives are one of the most important auxiliary materials and are widely used in packaging operations.

    Solvent free adhesive in the world has more than 30 years of development. Moreover, nearly two years in Europe, 70% of flexible packaging companies have chosen solvent-free adhesives. This sign suggests that the increase in demand will stimulate consumption and be understood and accepted by more and more people.

    Before, manufacturers do not like to use adhesives, because it is not environmentally friendly. But solvent-free adhesives create a great value for the user, on the one hand to solve the problem of solvent residues, on the other hand the use of water-based adhesives without new equipment investment, so that users save millions of equipment Investment costs, and will not hurt the environment.

    Solvent free adhesive has the following characteristics compared to other types of adhesives. First because it is solvent-free, free will not bring solvent pollution, and transport convenience, storage is also safe. In the production operation, there is no solvent released into the air, all of which will not cause harm to the operator. With solvent-free composite products, can be very intuitive to see the quality of the product is good or bad, as long as carefully check the appearance of the product when the appearance and composite strength is good, it will not change over time, Composite strength and appearance, placed after a period of time with the adhesive molecules between the composite strength will increase, the appearance will become better.

    It is understood that the current use of solvent free adhesive point of view, there is a certain gap at home and abroad. Domestic is only common from solvent-free adhesives used more. But environmental protection and efficiency will be the future trend of the packaging industry, can be expected, with the environment-friendly adhesive new product research and development and promotion, as well as consumer awareness of environmental protection and health gradually increased, those who damage the environment and people's health Of the adhesive will eventually withdraw from the Chinese flexible packaging market.