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5 PUR Glue Safety Tips

  • Update:13-01-2017
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    PUR Glue e is a synthetic material which is widely used […]

    PUR Glue e is a synthetic material which is widely used in many various applications. It is renowned for its durability and flexibility and can be produced in a number of different forms based on what it will be used for. We use polyurethane to build everything from airplane wings to tires.

    Polyurethane can be manufactured synthetically to have a number of different features, depending on the specific molecules that are added to its basic string of urethane molecules. Some of the more sought-after features of polyurethane are its elasticity and durability. It is popular to use with tires and other rubber devices. Polyurethane can also be made into a squishy, foam-like substance or a substance similar to glue, with the same bonding ability.

    Here are some safety tips for polyurethane glue.

    1. Wear Gloves

    Polyurethane glue can bond things fast. It cures and hardens in the presence of moisture, which it can get from your skin. To protect your skin, you must wear thick gloves and cover your entire body with long clothes when working with polyurethane glue. Even if the glue is removed, there are chances of skin irritation and rashes.

    2. Prevent Inhalation

    If inhaled, polyurethane glue can be an irritant to the nasal and respiratory tracts. Some individuals may also experience severe, allergic reactions to the glue. It is therefore important to wear some sort of face mask that minimizes inhalation of the product.

    3. Work in a Ventilated Area

    Always work in a ventilated area so that you are not exposed to concentrated vapors or gases emitted by the polyurethane glue. You should go out for fresh air when you feel sick or can’t breath.

    4. Store Container in a Cool, Dark Area

    To avoid drying and to maximize shelf life, you must store polyurethane glue is a cool, dark place. Never store it close to food, because the container may emit harmful gases during storage. Avoid places like the pantry and refrigerator.

    5.Clean Polyurethane Glue from Your Skin

    With a few common household items, getting polyurethane glue off skin can be a simple, stress-free undertaking.

    Step 1 - Apply Your Mineral Spirits

    Begin by using a washcloth to vigorously scrub the infected area with mineral spirits. Once the area has been sufficiently scrubbed, rinse it under a faucet. You may want to repeat this process once or twice before proceeding with the next step.

    Step 2 - Apply Your Pumice Soap

    After rinsing off your mineral spirits, you'll be ready to apply your pumice soap. Using either your hand or a clean washcloth, scrub the infected area with a bar of pumice soap. Continue doing this until the polyurethane glue begins to loosen, after which you'll be able to pick away any loosened pieces of glue with your hands.

    Once all the glue has been successfully purged from your skin, rinse off the pumice soap, then carefully inspect your skin. Should you locate any hitherto undiscovered glue deposits, do steps 1 and 2 again.