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A Guide to Different Wood Glue Strengths

  • Update:29-01-2017
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    Using wood glue for a project can help it turn out stro […]

    Using wood glue for a project can help it turn out strong and sturdy or, in a worse case scenario, flimsy and weak. This will depend on the strength of the glue. Some users don’t realize that glue has different strengths. Some helpful ideas about different wood glues can help determine which is the best type for a particular project. The ‘gap filling’ qualities of some wood glues are substandard compared to others. Some wood glues bond well to wooden surfaces but not to themselves. Therefore, they cannot cope with excessive weight or too much movement.

    Super glue, or cyanoacrylate to use it's correct name, is a fast bonding and tight holding glue which is appropriate for almost any project. Super glue is able to bond metal to wood, wood to wood, metal to metal and many other materials together. It bonds in seconds and holds for a long time. It is not susceptible to extreme heat or cold.

    Epoxy glue is commonly used in furniture production. It has extremely strong holding power and is resistant to varying levels of heat, moisture and cold. It will stick and bond to most other types of dried glue but it is affected by salty water and UV light rays. Epoxy, therefore, is not the most suitable for outdoor projects.

    Polyurethane glue is highly water resistant and can be used on wood projects in moist conditions and room like bathrooms. Its popularity and uses has increased over the last few years and it is becoming widely used in more of a variety of projects in place of previously preferred glues. Do keep in mind, however, that water-resistant does not mean waterproof and if polyurathane becomes saturated, it will have less durability.
    Wood glue is a superb material to use in a craft hobby. This is because tiny amounts of wood glue are enough to fix small pieces of wood together. This will allow the creation of large wooden statues or objects, which will not fall apart for a long time. Many of the adhesive glues supplied with craft packs are weak and structurally inefficient. A brand wood glue is not expensive and used efficiently. A wood glue will half the amount of time you need to make something. It will also save you a great deal of money from having to buy more low quality glue.
    Avoid using wood glue in any job or construction project when the weather is extremely hot. Hot weather will weaken the structural integrity of most common use wood glues. This will make them useless and the wood glue will not bond efficiently. The wood glue will dry too quickly and will start showing cracks and damage a very short time after you have applied it in hot conditions. This will be extremely frustrating if you are trying to complete a job quickly. Wood glues, which work in high temperatures are also more expensive and difficult to find.
    Below are some of the safety precautions you must follow when you use wood glue.

    Many types of wood glue contain formaldehyde, which is a toxic material. If possible, choose wood glue that is free of any toxic materials. You should put on gloves, safety goggles and a respiratory mask to give a protection of your skin, eyes and respiratory tract. When you open the container and start application, keep in mind the open time for the glue, which is the amount of time it can be kept open without drying. Work in small batches rather than applying wood glue over a large surface area.

    Excessive exposure to wood glue can cause breathing problems and headaches in some people. Long term exposure has also been shown to contribute to the development of cancer in individuals. You must therefore try to work in an airy, ventilated area so that you have plenty of fresh air.

    Wood glue is usually spread with a trowel. You should use proper tools to help you apply wood glue.

    Never use excessive amounts of wood glue to try and achieve a better result. Excessive use of these substances is harmful to the user and also to the environment. Refer to the usage instructions and follow them properly. click to see more information.