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A New Generation of Green Gum-Pur Gum

  • Update:08-03-2017
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    Hot melt adhesive is a big area, Pur Gum is one of the […]

    Hot melt adhesive is a big area, Pur Gum is one of the most, most of the hot melt is a heating operation, can be re-heated after use, is reversible, and PUR glue is in the inhibition of chemical reaction conditions, heating operation, easy to coat. After the two kinds of sticky paste are cooled, the adhesive layer acts as a binder, and then reacts with the moisture present in the air and the moisture adhering to the surface of the adherend to produce a polymer having a high cohesive force, Combined, heat resistance, low temperature resistance are significantly improved. And the reaction produced by PUR glue is irreversible.

    Compared with EVA hot melt adhesives, solvent-based adhesives, PUR has the following advantages: First, it does not like solvent-based adhesives that need drying process, there is no solvent due to the existence of environmental pollution and poisoning problems to meet environmental requirements. Bonding process is simple, can be used roller coating or spraying and other practices.

    Second, PUR glue good operability, in a short period of time can be two kinds of sticky body fixed, so you can quickly put the assembly into the next processing steps to improve efficiency.

    Finally, it is excellent in heat resistance, cold resistance, water vapor resistance, chemical resistance and solvent resistance. Compared with the original hot melt adhesive, due to the reaction of hot melt adhesive cross-linking structure of the listed properties and bonding strength greatly improved.

    PUR characteristics can be cured in the environmental conditions, lower than the traditional hot melt adhesive application temperature. In short, this is a comprehensive performance better hot melt adhesive, so in some industry areas are widely used. As a new generation of superior performance adhesive, PUR glue has a broad development prospects. We can firmly believe that this high-performance environmentally friendly green rubber is not only a huge economic and social value, but also to promote universal green consumption has a positive meaning.