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A Variety of Purposes of Synthetic Adhesive

  • Update:22-03-2017
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    The world has these synthetic adhesives: epoxy resin ad […]

    The world has these synthetic adhesives: epoxy resin adhesive, phenolic resin adhesive, urea resin adhesive, acrylic resin adhesive, polyvinyl alcohol adhesive, polyurethane adhesive, rubber adhesive, vinyl acetate and its copolymer adhesive, Polystyrene and its copolymer adhesives, polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride adhesives and silicone adhesives.

    Each synthetic adhesive has a shelf life, according to international standards and domestic standards, storage period at room temperature (24 ℃) case. Acrylic adhesive adhesive is 20 ℃, the higher the temperature storage period shorter.

    In addition to the adhesive can be applied to the traditional bonding in addition to some new, clever application. It can be anti-corrosion. At present, the ship's steam pipe to use aluminum silicate asbestos to achieve the purpose of adiabatic, but due to leakage or hot and cold alternately produce condensate, gathered in the bottom of the steam pipe wall; and steam pipe long-term high temperature, soluble salt Role, the outer wall corrosion is very serious. This can be used in the bottom of the aluminum silicate cement glass series of adhesive for the coating material, the formation of enamel-like structure of the coating, the thermal expansion coefficient and pipe similar to the thermal stress is small, will not chapped.

    It can also be used as a military field. Tank engine shell cracks are common flaws. Due to the internal defects of the metal, stress concentration, fatigue, prominent external force often cause the engine body shell different parts of the crack. If the welding method to solve such problems, there will be brittle material, deformation, strength and other shortcomings, but also loss of power and equipment. And the use of special bonding technology to deal with such cracks, will achieve fast, good, the effect of the province.

    The main way is to develop infrared camouflage paint with different emissivity, through the different emissivity of the coating, the effective shape of the infrared image segmentation, the infrared image of the infrared, To achieve the goal of integration with the background. From the research content of infrared stealth coating, high transparent adhesive is one of the technical ways to adopt, the use of resin in the infrared atmosphere window does not contain the absorption group to achieve the adhesive itself in the infrared window of low radiation specificity.

    Of course, there are many other Synthetic Adhesive, and here are not listed one by one.