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Adhesive Agent is More Dominant for Other Methods

  • Update:19-06-2017
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    The adhesive agent is a compound that binds two differe […]

    The adhesive agent is a compound that binds two different items together. Initially, the binder was derived from the gums and resins of different plants, but now there is a strong source of synthetic adhesives and gradually gain a firm foothold in the construction chemical industry. In our daily life, the use of a wide range, from microscopic to microscopic. From the packaging of the small package of shampoo to the full length mirror fixed to its frame, we use around the adhesive. From machinery to chemistry, even in the home industry, you can not rule out the constant contribution of adhesives. Because of their ease of use, versatility and flexibility, they are popular.

    Adhesive agent has a lot of uses. They are inseparable from our lives, we forget their own existence. However, if we look around, we will find some of the daily life in the field of adhesives, whether it is furniture, gadgets or toys. They are used for a variety of uses in food packaging, forcing manufacturers to research and produce different types to suit different needs. Toxic and toxic, for industrial use. Some are mild, without any kind of toxins. They are used to make children's toys, baby supplies or food packaging. Some are waterproof and non-toxic. For example, use an adhesive in an ice cream package. Liquid can reduce the quality of adhesion. Therefore, you need a solid and non-toxic adhesive that, when in contact with water or any other liquid, will not separate.

    Traditionally, there are various methods for fastening, gluing and bonding. They are heat and mechanical procedures that require equipment, such as welding, soldering, brazing, etc., but now adhesives are widely used. They do not need tools and equipment, nor do they need electricity or batteries to run them. Common use of adhesives can be divided into two categories: industrial and commercial use and domestic use.

    The use of adhesive agent has several advantages over other bonding processes. The working speed of the adhesive is faster than that of other bonding methods. Although surface treatment requires time and material costs, it is more effective than traditional processes. Unlike the thermal or mechanical fastening method, the adhesive provides the flexibility of material selection.