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Advantages and Disadvantages of the PUR Adhesive

  • Update:05-05-2017
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    Polyurethane is a highly effective adhesive for woodwor […]

    Polyurethane is a highly effective adhesive for woodworking. When this fast-acting glue solidifies on the surface, it can produce something that looks like an eternal bond. Polyurethanes are commonly used in a variety of applications in modern life. Some of its applications include building insulation, furniture and bedding, footwear, automobiles, coatings and adhesives. Because of its ease of implementation, it is used in many general applications.

    PUR adhesives originated in the last eighties of the world, because of the advantages of good book reading and other advantages, once launched on the widely praised by the market, has been increasingly used in magazines, brochures and other plastic equipment.

    PUR adhesives have many advantages. It is powerful, flexible and not affected by water. It is cheap and free from the environment. Most museums and library books use this adhesive. Three times stronger than ordinary glue. So it can save valuable books for years. Overcoming the difficulties associated with hot melt adhesives. Despite this advantage, PUR adhesives have some drawbacks.

    Short life is the main drawback of PUR adhesives. Polyurethane has a tendency to absorb moisture, that is, water absorption characteristics. The adhesive made of polyurethane absorbs water, gradually decomposes and becomes sticky. In addition, the durability of the PUR adhesive is adversely affected when exposed to direct sunlight or an organic solvent. PUR adhesives will smell and smoke, although they are not very compelling. Exposure to this smell for a long time may make people sick. Workers using polyurethane adhesives also experience overwhelming smoke.

    PUR Adhesive are widely used in many applications such as bedding, building insulation, footwear and paints. ESP energy research shows that polyurethane will release unhealthy inhaled toxic fumes. People exposed to polyurethane experience health problems, including allergies, rash, difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness or even blindness. If your eyes or skin are in contact with the polyurethane foam, thoroughly wash and rinse thoroughly to avoid health problems.