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Advantages and Precautions on Water-based PU Shoe Adhesive

  • Update:31-03-2017
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    Water-based PU Shoe Adhesive, that is, water-based poly […]

    Water-based PU Shoe Adhesive, that is, water-based polyurethane shoe adhesive, water-based PU series which is one of the main for the footwear industry. It is characterized by water as a medium, with non-combustible, small odor, environmental protection, easy operation and so on. At present, the country already has water-based PU shoes plastic independent intellectual property rights, the core technology is mature, the application of the promotion gradually expanded.

    Water-based PU shoe adhesive performance is stable, non-flammable, can reduce the risk of fire and storage risks, simplify and reduce business ventilation, water treatment and other aspects of the process and cost. Due to the difference between the active ingredients of water-based PU shoe adhesive and oily glue, the shoe factory in the use of the product greatly improved the utilization rate, the utilization rate increased by about 200% -300%, at the same time, water-based PU shoe adhesive can only brush once , Can reduce the number of brush shoes, reduce labor costs. According to the experts statistics, shoe factory at this stage the use of water-based products instead of oily products, the overall cost can be reduced by 15% -20%.

    In addition, water-based PU shoe adhesive construction is simple, you can use brush, roller coating, spraying, scratch coating, etc., residual glue easy to clean, construction tools available water cleaning, convenient and quick. Because of its simple operation and stable performance, it can be widely used in rubber, PU, PVC, leather, cloth, all kinds of foam materials such as bonding, and can be used for all kinds of shoes to the production.

    It should be noted that the water-based PU shoe adhesive storage temperature range of 5-30 ℃, storage time not more than 6 months. Storage temperature can not exceed 30 ℃ Cause higher than 30 ℃, the evaporation of water caused by surface conjunctiva, the film can not be dissolved to use, resulting in waste. At the same time, high temperature easy to produce cracking action to destroy its own physical properties. Storage temperature can not be less than 5 ℃ because less than 5 ℃, the water-based PU shoes will produce frozen, when the temperature is restored, was a serious separation state, can not be restored.