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An Introduction to PUR Glue

  • Update:16-01-2017
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    PUR Glue is a strong adhesive sealant used to hold piec […]

    PUR Glue is a strong adhesive sealant used to hold pieces of wood tightly together. And it is widely used in many areas. There are many different wood glues currently available for different uses. It is vital for you to know when to use wood glue.

    Wood glue can be used when you discover a break in one of your wooden fixtures or pieces of furniture. Small amounts of wood glue are very strong and the wood glue will bond any broken pieces of wood back together. Wood glue will solidify, which means you can sand it after it has dried to remove excess blobs and patches. This will help your repair work using wood glue to look more professional. Here are some tips to help it dry faster so you can move on with your project that much sooner.

    1. Use New Glue

    The first way to make sure your glue dries fast is to be sure that the glue has not expired or is not close to expiring. Age will affect the performance of your glue overall, including extending its normal dry time. You can use a fresh bottle to make sure that your glue dries as quickly as it’s supposed to.

    2. Do Not Dilute

    Never water down your glue in order to make it dry faster. This does not work in the way that you think. Instead, the diluted glue will just saturate your pieces, in turn making everything hard rather than sticky and ruining your adhesive bond.

    3. Air Flow

    Make sure your project is left in a well-ventilated space, as air flow can help dry the piece. You can use a dehumidifier to help you dry the adhesive.

    Below are some of the safety precautions you must follow when you use wood glue.

    Wear Adequate Protection

    Many types of wood glue contain formaldehyde, which is a toxic material. If possible, choose wood glue that is free of any toxic materials. You should wear gloves, safety goggles and a respiratory mask to give a protection for your skin, eyes and respiratory tract when using wood glue. When you open the container and start application, keep in mind the open time for the glue, which is the amount of time it can be kept open without drying. Work in small batches rather than applying wood glue over a large surface area.

    Work in a Well Ventilated Area

    Excessive exposure to wood glue can cause breathing problems and headaches in some people. Long term exposure has also been shown to contribute to the development of cancer in individuals. You must therefore try to work in an airy, ventilated area so that you have plenty of fresh air.

    Use Proper Tools

    Wood glue is usually spread with a trowel. Never use your bare hands to apply wood glue, as it can cause irritation and in some cases, burning and redness.