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Application Of Different Adhesive In Environmental Protection

  • Update:31-07-2017
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    Synthetic adhesive is a high molecular weight polyacryl […]

    Synthetic adhesive is a high molecular weight polyacrylamide (PAM) polymerization of a water-soluble organic soil conditioning agent, is a synthetic polymer long chain polymer, colorless non-toxic, decomposition of hydrocarbons Oxygen and nitrogen compounds, environmentally friendly. Because it has a strong settlement and flocculation of soil particles, in the soil to form a good structure of the aggregate, so constitute a resistance to erosion, anti-leakage carrier. Mainly used for greening sowing, afforestation and so on. It has the characteristics of preventing soil loss caused by surface runoff, improving soil penetration, soil and fertilizer, alleviating and regulating soil water evaporation.

    Because the synthetic adhesive has a strong flocculation, when the soil particles suspended in the water, a molecule can adsorb multiple soil particles, and a soil particle can be adsorbed with multiple molecules, so that the formation of a large volume of soil floc Group, increase the aggregate in the soil, the formation of a certain amount of cementing material, reducing the affinity of water and soil, resulting in small dispersion, corrosion resistance, the formation of better aggregates and soil structure. And the irregular lines of the adhesive in the soil up and down criss-cross, floc volume gradually increased, so that the soil particles in the runoff can not be stripped and suspended, the erosion of the transition material also with the adhesive flocculation The effect is reduced to increase the soil erosion resistance.

    Synthetic adhesives can be widely used in highway, railway, mining waste land, quarry and other slope slope protection, green spray sowing, sand land, tree planting, to prevent soil erosion and so on. Adhesives and water-retaining agents in slope greening Application Note: Adhesives and water-retaining agents are indispensable auxiliary materials for slope greening and are important factors for soil and water conservation and plant community growth.

    Soil and water conservation is the basis of vegetation restoration. Generally refers to the stability of the spray layer, do not fall off, do not lose, with a certain anti-erosion ability. Therefore, it is necessary to select the binder to flocculate the soil particles, from small to large formation of aggregate structure. But in the ratio must be based on the site conditions of the comprehensive situation, taking full account of the slope of the site, the type of soil material structure and thickness of the PUR adhesive to add too much easy to make the matrix layer, affecting plant growth, if too little to reach Maintain the effect of soil and water, generally in the amount of water-retaining agent 3%.