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Application of Joyachem Adhesive Agent in Industry

  • Update:23-03-2017
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    Between the polymer, between the polymer and non-metall […]

    Between the polymer, between the polymer and non-metallic or metal, metal and metal and metal and non-metallic bonding between the polymer base material and the existence of interfacial bonding between different materials. Adhesion is the result of the interaction between different materials. Thus evolving the adhesive agent.

    The adhesive agent is a compound that binds two different items together. Initially, the binder was derived from the gums and resins of different plants, but now there is a strong source of synthetic adhesives and gradually gain a firm foothold in the construction chemical industry. In our daily life, the use of a wide range, from microscopic to microscopic. From the packaging of the small package of shampoo to the full length mirror fixed to its frame, we use around the adhesive. From machinery to chemistry, even in the home industry, you can not rule out the constant contribution of adhesives. Because of their ease of use, versatility and flexibility, they are popular.

    Today talk about industrial adhesives agent. Industrial adhesives agent are defined as anything used in any manufacturing industry for fastening or bonding applications. There are several different types of conventionally used adhesives agent - epoxy resins, hot melt adhesives, sealants, acrylic resins, thermostats and silicone adhesives. And what we are familiar with - cement mortar is also considered an industrial binder.

    Different types of industrial adhesives agent have different properties or characteristics that can be used effectively for different purposes. Some binders have particularly good bonding properties, such as hot melt adhesives which can be softened and hardened by alternating heating and cooling.

    The so-called pressure-sensitive adhesives are also particularly versatile, and in nominal terms they require very slight pressure to adhere to most surfaces. The pressure sensitive adhesive is in the form of water, solvent and latex. UV curing adhesives will not use heat because they use ultraviolet light or other radiation sources that will produce strong and permanent adhesion. One problem to be considered is the bonding time - some UV curable adhesives are instantly bonded while others take longer. Anaerobic adhesives can be used effectively in an anaerobic environment and are widely used in many industries such as military, aerospace and shipbuilding. Some anaerobic adhesives are designed for high voltage setting, or with electronic equipment or semiconductors.