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Characteristics of Joyachem Waterproof Adhesive

  • Update:03-03-2017
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    Think about if this is an indoor or outdoor application […]

    Think about if this is an indoor or outdoor application - will the work be exposed to the elements, including rain and moisture? Or will there be exposure to moisture during the normal usage of the items being bonded. If this is true, then you will need to use a waterproof adhesive. There are PS glue, PC glue, PA glue, PP glue, PE glue, rubber glue, polyurethane glue.

    Waterproof adhesive characteristics: high flexibility, waterproof moisture, strong adhesion strong anti-cracking bond, breathable impermeable, simple construction, efficient construction, excellent impermeability, strong bonding and so on.

    The waterproof adhesive is suitable for concrete, mortar masonry structure of the building waterproof and impermeable, especially suitable for basement, bathroom floor and wall, kitchen, balcony and other absorbent surface waterproof, suitable for all types of concrete, masonry structure of the building waterproof, suitable for kitchen, bathroom, balcony, basement and other construction sites and suitable for floor heating system ground waterproofing works.

    Before using waterproof glue, it is important to note that the surface of the adhesive material should be clean, dry, smooth and firm. Do not use water to soak before sticking. The glue is not suitable for bonding the surface of the oil and the release agent of the building materials. Tiles, mosaic and concrete bonding 24 hours later, then cement paste. In the course of use to avoid prolonged direct contact with the skin, if accidentally spilled into the eyes, please find a doctor for treatment. Do not let children contact with the use and storage process should pay attention to fire.

    The use of concrete on the concrete surface is a direct application of a layer of waterproof adhesive (adhesive layer thickness 2-3mm) can be bonded to a variety of decorative materials, so that waterproof and bonding step in place. Seven days later it can reach its strength. The glue and gecko polymer cement glue used in conjunction, can do roof waterproof.