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Circulating Hot Air From Joyachem

  • Update:14-10-2016
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    A new generation of Polyurethane Glue elastomer two com […]

    A new generation of Polyurethane Glue elastomer two components three color casting machine (circulating hot air)

    1, compared to the older generation of thermal oil heating system The machine uses a circulating hot air heating, closed environment, heat loss is small, fast heating, temperature uniformity, etc., all pipes and metering pump head temperature can achieve the preset half an hour The required temperature. Warm-up time greatly shortened, thereby saving time to improve yield, energy saving.

    2, the materials are used to move the joints, easy disassembly and cleaning, heating pipe can not be replaced to open the machine, easy maintenance.

    3, the use of 10.4-inch touch screen to do the host computer, Siemens PLC to do the next crew, the use of Siemens pressure and temperature detection module, thus ensuring the reliability of the control system, temperature control system using PID algorithm, higher precision, intelligent test, On the budget can be set to complete the metering pump required speed, so as to ensure the accuracy of measurement, a person can easily complete the proportion of determination.

    4, the protection system of the system to improve, including pressure protection (metering pump pressure is too high can not boot), overload (metering pump motor overload) protection, level (any material can not be poured when no material to ensure qualified products) , All the faults are displayed on the touch screen diagnosis, allowing users to quickly and easily find the fault.

    5, automatic cleaning function: in the touch screen arbitrarily set air red, cleaning time, automatic completion of the cleaning process, such as operators forget to clean after pouring, set the time after the sound and light alarm to remind cleaning, touch screen text reminder, such as Continue without manual cleaning, this time the machine emergency automatic cleaning program to start, complete the entire cleaning operation. Eliminating the machine will not be in the pouring after cleaning the nose can not be removed after curing caused by the trouble.

    6, convenient and quick to switch between the three colors, without cleaning can be directly poured, and the color uniformity, color uniformity, the machine has advanced color function, the boot will be able to color uniform liquid, can effectively reduce waste.

    7, power failure cleaning function: to prevent accidental power failure caused by the machine can not be cleaned. The machine in a short period of time after a sudden power failure to complete the cleaning, so that the machine will not be unable to clean because of power outages caused by head block, can not remove the stirring sets of mixing head.

    8, the machine for the previous generation of ball valve control material, easy to salvage when the shortcomings of the material, the needle valve control unit, the switching time is short, more precise control of the material time to ensure that the required components of the material out of the proportion. Pouring, back to the material manually adjustable pressure in the flow size can control the stability of the casting pressure, which does not produce bubbles.

    9, the use of new vertical cutting agitation to ensure that the multi-component materials, mixing uniformity, not due to uneven mixing caused by the reaction is not complete lead to lower yield.

    The Joyachem Team