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Development Status of Hot Melt Adhesive Suppliers

  • Update:26-05-2017
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    Early hot melt adhesive is used rosin, paraffin, asphal […]

    Early hot melt adhesive is used rosin, paraffin, asphalt and other brewed hand-painted, mainly used in the field of furniture. The emergence of polymer composite materials, it really promoted the development of hot melt adhesive. The As the hot melt adhesive with environmental protection, safety, curing quickly, suitable for automated production and other outstanding advantages, in the past ten years, hot melt adhesive has been one of the fastest growing varieties of adhesives.

    Developed areas after years of market integration, hot melt market to a small number of large enterprises focus. Some of the long-established suppliers of hot melt adhesives have become the world leader in the hot melt industry, which has occupied more than half of the global hot melt market share. These hot melt adhesives suppliers have a clear advantage in terms of R & D, procurement, manufacturing, sales and brand building due to their huge size, rich resources and talent. With the further deepening of the trend of globalization, it is expected that the market share of large companies will continue to increase. Of course, due to the hot melt industry there is a big difference and individual needs, as well as small and medium enterprises deliberately strengthen the innovation and organizational vitality, small and medium hot melt adhesives suppliers are still a large number of global presence, even in developed areas in this way.

    With the rise of some multinational companies in our country, these multinational companies have led to the expansion of hot melt varieties and the expansion of the scope of application, as well as technical level and quality improvement. With the technical personnel and business personnel to join, some domestic hot melt adhesive suppliers are also emerging, in the technical level, product quality and market share and other indicators have also increased significantly.

    Since the twentieth century, hot melt adhesive gradually mature, hot melt adhesives in developed countries accounted for more than 20% of synthetic adhesive market. As the environmental protection has become the theme of the world, in the adhesive family, hot melt adhesive as the most typical environmental adhesive, which has been rapid development.