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Do You Know How to Use Waterproof Adhesive

  • Update:13-03-2017
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    Life in many places need to use adhesive, especially wa […]

    Life in many places need to use adhesive, especially waterproof adhesive. So how do you use waterproof adhesive? We use nano-silicon waterproof adhesive as an example to explain.

    Nano-silicone waterproof plastic is the use of high-tech nano-technology developed, is a rigid and soft environment-friendly waterproof products. This product has excellent permeability of the crystallization of water, but also has acrylic polymer waterproof emulsion of high elastic coating waterproof performance.

    Before use, the base surface clean up, there is a large crack, hole application of anti-seepage plugging agent repair formation. Will be nano-silicone waterproof plastic plus 6 to 8 times the water mixing evenly, with a sprayer directly on the dry base surface construction, at least twice the construction, the first time construction of non-stick after the construction of the second time.

    Nano-silicone waterproof glue can be directly brushing use, because of good flexibility and tensile strength, especially for cracks, pipes, water outlet and other vulnerable parts. Construction time 2 to 3 brushing, each construction interval to wait for a dry after the construction of a next. For the corner, through the wall, vent, outlet and other special parts, according to the need to add glass cloth for enhanced processing.

    What’s more, nano-silicone waterproof adhesive and ordinary Portland cement composite, can be used as JS composite waterproof coating, the waterproof performance, strong adhesion, good elasticity, and low cost. Preparation ratio of one to one, if the construction is more thick when the amount of water can be diluted. As far as possible the use of mechanical mixing, manual mixing must be sufficient, or easy to produce powder, bubble and other construction defects. Construction of 3 to 5 times the construction, each time the construction of dry sticky hands after the construction of the next.