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Ensure The Environmental Performance Of The Synthetic Adhesive

  • Update:17-10-2017
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    Home improvement environmental protection has become th […]

    Home improvement environmental protection has become the consensus of people decoration, many consumers in the choice of wall paint, flooring, wallpaper, tiles and other decoration materials, are very focused on environmental indicators. But in the decoration of the ubiquitous adhesive, its environmental protection is easy to be ignored, unqualified synthetic adhesive often become the room decoration pollution "invisible killer". In general, any kind of material can be closely bonded with another material surface, to achieve a certain physical and chemical properties of non-metallic substances, can be called adhesives.

    Synthetic adhesive is a decoration material in the "little brother", but its environmental performance is able to about the overall home decoration of the "green effect." Therefore, in the choice of adhesive, the adhesive performance of the adhesive is essential, if the adhesive provided by the construction side, before the material approach, be sure to check whether the adhesive is environmentally friendly materials, and construction Be alert to workers to use counterfeit and shoddy products.

    To ensure the environmental performance of synthetic adhesives, we must first ensure that the adhesive "origin", the manufacturer, date, validity and other details of the inspection is essential, formal adhesives have environmental testing report, the test report on the The standard name and number of the adhesive, the name of the sample, the unit of production and the batch number, the sampling method, the name and model of the instrument, the result of the inspection, the abnormal situation in the inspection process, the inspection person and the inspection date are marked in detail.

    Synthetic adhesive can be used specifically for the bonding of the floor and stone, the formal solidification of the floor glue is shorter, high bond strength, long service life; common stone adhesive with marble, mainly for a variety of marble Docking, repair and finished sheet metal installation, marble solidification fast, no expansion and contraction, but by the impact of fragile.

    If the data on the test report at a loss, the easiest way is to directly smell the taste of the synthetic adhesive, especially liquid and paste adhesive, if containing formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and other harmful substances, will drift out Stimulate the smell.