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FDA Regulates the Food Packaging Adhesive

  • Update:22-05-2017
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    If you work in the food packaging industry, you may spe […]

    If you work in the food packaging industry, you may spend a lot of time thinking about how to use Food Packaging Adhesive, but also to comply with food safety standards and to avoid costly costs. It is easy to see how meeting these needs can lead to potential problems.

    FDA regulations on the use of adhesives in food packaging differ from how the institution regulates other food contact substances. Although FDA regulations on indirect food additives tend to focus on food contact substances themselves, the requirements for food packaging adhesives are more of a requirement for food packaging manufacturers with adhesives and finished food manufacturers The burden.

    FDA has promulgated regulations for food packaging adhesives. He allows the adhesive formulation to be used with a laminated structure exposed to temperatures above 250 ° F if they are separated from the food by functional barrier. In addition, the formulation may include any substance suitable for the formulation of the adhesive, which allows the container to be exposed to the food type and time or temperature conditions therein, including sterilization.

    The laminated structure used to focus on temperatures between 120 ° F and 250 ° F is not specifically designed for adhesives. Note, however, that it is intended to cover the adhesive, where the food contact layer does not act to impede the migration of components from the non-food contact layer. Probably this is because if there are functional barriers, you do not need to carry out any clearance according to regulations.

    As mentioned above, if the food packaging does not belong to the food additive regulations, GRAS or previously approved components of the adhesive, if unreasonably expected to become a food component, you can still use. This can be determined by migration studies. In designing migration studies, it is necessary to understand the intended use of the adhesive.