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The first half of 2012 China's

  • Update:22-05-2016
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    From the National Bureau of statistics data, in 2012 Ch […]

    From the National Bureau of statistics data, in 2012 China's leather industry statistics into synthetic leather 540 enterprises, 5 years increased by more than 100 enterprises. The industry this year, the total number of employees 130000 people, the first half of this year, total industrial output value reached 48700000000 yuan, up 14%; production reached 1410000 tons, up 20%.
    Import and export trade volume accounted for production decline in the proportion of
    In 2011, artificial leather synthetic leather ultra fiber leather import and export trade amounted to $3636000000, of which exports of 1070000000 meters (569600 tons), an increase of 12.95%; exports amounted to $3040000000, an increase of 35.11%. 2011 imports of synthetic leather artificial leather is 131000000 meters (64900 tons), dropped compared to the same period 14.9%; imports amounting to $596000000, a 4.6% decline over the same period.
    In 2012 1~6 month artificial leather import and export total quantity production accounted for 13.47% of the total share of synthetic leather, down 10 percentage points.
    According to the customs import and export statistics, 2012 1~6 months of artificial leather synthetic leather exports totaled $1376000000, including PVC leather export trade was 444000000 US dollars, accounting for 31.9% of total exports; polyurethane synthetic leather export trade was 909000000 US dollars, accounting for 66.06%.
    Major cities in synthetic leather market changes
    Fujian: Fujian synthetic leather in the first half of this year growth, ranked second in the country. In 2011 exceeded 300000 tons, growth rate is 53.35%, the proportion of the national jumped from 2% in 2008 to 16%, the first half of this year, output reached 315900 tons, an increase of 234.8%, accounting for the production of synthetic leather artificial leather 22.3%, accounts for the proportion to enhance 6 percentage points.
    Zhejiang: the two quarter of Zhejiang synthetic leather growth rate than a quarter. A quarter of growth. A quarter of output was 406000 tons, accounting for 51% of the country; in March this year of negative growth, the cumulative growth rate of 1.1%, sharply. The two quarter output was 570000 tons, accounts for the proportion of total output is 51% in the first quarter down 11 percentage points.
    Jiangsu: Jiangsu synthetic leather proportion to abdicate. Jiangsu province this year on semi synthetic leather production reached 174000 tons, accounting for 12% of the country, the first half of the growth rate is not high, only 6%. In 2011 323300 tons, down 4%, accounting for 13% of national output, accounting for the national total continue during the first half of the year fell one percentage point. From the years second relegated to third place.