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Food Packaging Adhesive Plays an Important Role

  • Update:26-07-2017
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    In food packaging applications, the use of a variety of […]

    In food packaging applications, the use of a variety of substrates, including aluminum foil and plastic, each contributes to unique performance requirements. The typical structure of the multilayer package is as follows:

    For example, aluminum foil has rigidity, temperature resistance and protection against oxygen, humidity, odor, grease and the like. PET provides strength, transparency and printability while the polyethylene is used for its ease of flexibility, flexibility and processing seal requirements. However, several substrates have a wide range of surface energies, and this is where food packaging adhesives play a key role in bonding or bonding these layers. Interestingly, the adhesive is usually only about 1% by weight of the entire package, but provides such an important function to combine all the benefits of different layers.

    Food packaging adhesives are mainly used to bond surfaces with different surface energies. In order to achieve the best adhesion, the adhesive must thoroughly "wet" the surface to be bonded. To wet the surface, the adhesive must flow and cover the surface, allowing the maximum contact area between the adhesive and the surface. The following table lists the typical surface energies of conventional substrates. Several delivery techniques (water, solvent or 100% solids) should be considered and compared to achieve optimum productivity and performance balance.

    Some factors can sometimes be interrelated. For example, the nature of food packaging materials and the type of food determines the possibility of storing food packaging interactions. Sometimes these factors may also be contradictory. One example is how bulk packaging can better adapt to the environment, but a single package to better meet the needs of consumers. Food packaging interactions play an important role in the proper selection of the right packaging materials for a variety of food applications.

    Each material used for packaging has a different nature, and these properties determine which material is ideal for a particular food or beverage product. Here are some of the most commonly used food packaging materials, as well as the most important features. You may not be aware of this, but food packaging adhesive play an important role in sustainable development because they enable manufacturers to use more sustainable substrates, reduce the use of materials, improve efficiency, and overall reduce energy consumption And waste.