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Food Packaging Adhesive Requires Rigorous Testing

  • Update:29-06-2017
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    If you are in the food packaging industry, you may spen […]

    If you are in the food packaging industry, you may spend a lot of time thinking about how to meet your customers, but also to comply with food safety standards and to avoid expensive product recall. Food packaging may not compromise or contaminate food content in any way. Substrates, inks and adhesives must have minimal impact on food. All packaging materials must be in safe contact with food, and our food packaging adhesive should be completely non-toxic.

    As an adhesive used in a food composite packaging material, it is not in contact with the packaged food as a plastic container or can wall coating, but rather a layer of composite film, such as polyethylene film or polypropylene Film, so it is not directly contact with the food material, but indirect contact with the material. Many countries do not use adhesives as polyethylene and polypropylene to develop specific hygienic standards, but rather treat it as an adjunct to protect the hygienic properties of the entire package from allowing the manufacture of its original and auxiliary materials Consider the hygienic safety of adhesives.

    We know that polyethylene or polypropylene, which is a film of the inner bag of composite bags, is microscopic, it is not an absolutely tight material, but rather has a certain material, some of the low molecular weight of the adhesive used as a builder Material, in the storage of packaged food, it will slowly through the intima infiltration, diffusion or migration to the contents of the packaging to go.

    Used in food, pharmaceutical packaging on the ink and adhesives, should have a good health and safety performance Caixing. The United States FDA has strict supervision, the US FDA food and pharmaceutical composite packaging materials with additives into the additives into the class, which limits the manufacture of adhesive raw materials, does not require the use of raw materials within the scope of the list of substances Can not be used, and the use of such adhesives made of composite materials to classify their application temperature range.