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Food Packaging Glue is The Focus of Attention

  • Update:07-11-2017
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    We recognize the need for adhesive solutions for food s […]

    We recognize the need for adhesive solutions for food safety packaging, and food packaging adhesives have become one of our top priorities. Progress in this area is conducive to the packaging of food safety for our customers and other parties in the food industry. Due to the recent case involving food safety and food safety packaging, the subject of food safety packaging has appeared in media coverage. This led to a decline in public confidence, indicating that consumers took the topic seriously.

    In food packaging applications, a variety of substrates are used, including aluminum foil and plastic, each of which contributes to unique performance requirements. For example, aluminum foil provides rigidity, temperature resistance and protection / barrier properties for oxygen, moisture, odors and greases. PET provides strength, clarity and printability, while polyethylene is resilient, flexible and easy to process and seal. However, the surface energies of several substrates vary widely, and this is where food packaging glue play a key role in combining or bonding these layers. Interestingly, in general, the binder accounts for only about 1% by weight of the entire package, but provides such important functionality to incorporate all the benefits of the different layers.

    Food packaging glue is mainly used to bond surfaces with different surface energies. In order to obtain the best adhesion, the adhesive must thoroughly "wet" the surface to be bonded. In order to wet the surface, the adhesive must flow and cover the surface, allowing maximum contact area between the adhesive and the surface.

    Food packaging glue is usually organized by bonding. They are then organized into reactive and non-reactive adhesives, which means that the adhesive chemically hardens. Depending on whether the raw materials are natural, electrical or synthetic, or the physical stage they solidify, they can be organized.

    Food packaging glue can be of natural or synthetic origin. Thin materials bond well with adhesives, but they can also be used to bond other things. The binder hardens by evaporating the solvent. Most adhesives harden at room temperature or exposed to elevated temperatures.