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Food Packaging Glue Promotes The Packaging Industry

  • Update:09-06-2017
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    The so-called food packaging glue does not mean that gl […]

    The so-called food packaging glue does not mean that glue can be eaten when the food, of course, some completely environmentally friendly and no pollution of the glue to eat will not be a problem.

    With the national economy to tell the development of nearly three decades, the national packaging industry has made great progress, especially when people continue to improve their living standards, the quality of the product packaging has a higher demand. Which is particularly eye-catching composite flexible packaging performance, with a series of advantages continue to squeeze the traditional packaging market. Excellent performance of the composite flexible packaging can not be separated from the food packaging glue to help, in fact, the adhesive through the adhesive effect, a variety of different properties of the substrate combined as a whole. In a sense, food packaging glue in the composite flexible packaging play a role, far beyond its share in the proportion of the cost.

    In the packaging industry, there are many types of bonded materials, not only composite flexible packaging, as well as metal, wood, plastic, paper, composite film, its physical and chemical properties are different, the bond strength has a great impact, Therefore, according to different materials, use different adhesives and bonding process. As food packaging glue in the packaging industry plays an indispensable behind the scenes, and packaging and related industries and technological progress and product development and update has a significant impact. Therefore, the research, development and production of various types of quality is more guaranteed, more superior performance of the new food packaging adhesive packaging industry has become more and more concerned about the research areas and research activities.

    Our life is nowhere to use the bag, so I believe that in the days to come, food packaging monitoring and requirements will be higher and higher, the people's awareness will be higher and higher, thus eliminating the unqualified products, To food grade, to high quality change. We look forward to our society a variety of products more and more environmentally friendly. The use of glue on the packaging will be more and more to meet the requirements of food grade glue.