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Holiday Repairs Made Simple With Polyurethane Glue

  • Update:28-12-2016
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    Polyurethane Glue come in several common forms. The fir […]

    Polyurethane Glue come in several common forms. The first is as a household or light industrial adhesive which is made to bond wood or ceramic materials, among others. There are also polyurethane gels that come loaded in a cartridge like silicone or caulk, to be used in building and repairing homes, furniture, boats, and stone fabrications. These are made to be able to bond any two materials as long as one of them is porous. Some heavy-duty polyurethane adhesives also come in cartridges, and while these have a longer drying time, they can be up to 25% stronger.

    Water resistant is the major advantage of a polyurethane adhesive, which makes it the glue of choice for book binders and book repair firms. The glue has a very low viscosity level, cures within seconds and has a pliable state in room temperature conditions. When used in terms of adhesives, the cure time is the length of time required before the adhesive has bonded the two items together.

    Imagine that you're putting away the decorations, taking down holiday lights and putting away the seasons' dishware, when you notice that some items have been damaged or even broken during the festivities. You can repair them quickly and inexpensively by using polyurethane adhesives instead of throwing them away this year.

    Polyurethane glue is one of the strongest and most versatile glues on the market. Granite, marble, glass, Formica, concrete, brick, stone, fiberglass, porcelain, wood, plastic, leather and rubber are just some of the materials that you can quickly and easily repair with polyurethane glue. Moreover, polyurethane glue is waterproof, and can withstand extreme heat and cold so no need to worry about using it on dishes, or storing repaired items outside.

    Here's how to use polyurethane to repair common household and holiday items needing a quick fix.

    *Make sure that the surfaces to be glued together are clean.

    *Apply the glue to one of the materials.

    *Make the repair.

    *Wipe away any excess glue with a rag.

    *Clamp, prop up, or balance the item so that the previously broken pieces stay firmly attached. For small ornaments you may tie a string around the object, or rubber band it together.

    *Wait at least one hour. The polyurethane bond should be stable within 60 minutes, but it is best to leave the object alone for 24 hours in order for the glue to fully dry.