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Hot Melt Adhesives Has Changed Our Traditional Way of Bonding

  • Update:13-04-2017
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    The use of hot melt adhesive has revolutionized the pac […]

    The use of hot melt adhesive has revolutionized the packaging industry, and hot melt adhesives can bond similar and different materials. When in liquid or molten state, they are applied to the starting material. After a brief opening time, the second material comes into contact. At this point, the adhesive cools and solidifies quickly, bonding the two together.

    Hot melt adhesives are unique in the world of adhesives because they can be actually reused after initial activation. By the thermoplastic polymer, the hot melt can be heated or cooled repeatedly without any actual change in its chemical composition. Usually require rapid melting, if bonded wood, cardboard, paper, fabric, vinyl, leather, etc., then their advantage is fast, clean, not mixed bonding.

    Compared to other adhesives, hot melt adhesives have a very strong holding force, more flexible, and therefore better performance under constant pressure. For long-term need to transport objects, hot melt adhesive excellent sealing is a great choice. In general, hot melt adhesives provide greater adhesion, faster paste, use less time. It is very suitable for bulk packaging, can withstand a lot of pressure.

    Curing hot melt adhesives and functional hot melt adhesives are two new categories on the market. The main features of the former is to improve the high temperature characteristics of hot melt adhesive to improve the softening point to 120 ℃ above, thereby expanding its use. Functional hot-melt adhesives are for a specific occasion, can achieve a specific function to meet the needs of all aspects of a class of glue. Such as water-soluble or dispersible hot melt adhesive, hot melt sealant, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive and so on.

    When you start to focus on the choice of hot melt adhesives, you may see you need to choose a variety of products, will soon feel overwhelmed. There is no shortcomings on the market there is a hot melt, a new person may choose a hot melt adhesive, not only not suitable for their own products, and ultimately will make their cost is high. If you are looking for hot melt for your product, please make sure you need to glue the items and go to choose to buy.