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Improving Performance of Food Packaging Adhesive

  • Update:27-04-2017
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    Pure monomer resins can help improve the performance of […]

    Pure monomer resins can help improve the performance of EVA-based carton closure food packaging adhesive.

    Carton closure food packaging adhesives using ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) polymer systems have been used for decades due to their availability, formulation latitude and performance attributes.1 Packaging adhesive formulations typically contain polymer, tackifier resin and wax.

    Packaging adhesives using EVA can be formulated using a variety of tackifier systems, including rosin esters, hydrocarbon resins (C5, C9, C5/C9), terpene resins and hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins.2-7 However, for premium packaging adhesive applications where clarity, thermal stability and temperature resistance are critical, EVA-based packaging adhesives are often formulated with hydrogenated hydrocarbon tackifiers.

    The food adhesive industry has recently trended toward high-quality packaging adhesives due to cost benefits and improved performance characteristics. This has prompted the development of aromatic pure monomer resins (PMRs) as synergetic tackifier additives for EVA-based premium packaging adhesives.

    PMRs are produced from pure aromatic monomer streams, especially styrene and alkyl styrene derivatives. Compared to other aromatic crude C-9 resins, major advantages of PMRs include light color (water white), excellent thermal stability, temperature resistance (similar to hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins) and controlled molecular weight.

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