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  • Update:17-08-2013
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    In today's society, the importance of self-evident tale […]

    In today's society, the importance of self-evident talent in science and technology for economic development, person in charge Fei Hongbiao in the town of Shimen Association for science and technology for eyes, and, as active attack. In recent years, the town of Shimen city science and Technology Bureau set up on the platform, the positive and scientific research colleges, the docking, scientific and technological cooperation.
    "This year we take a project, technical difficulties to run Sichuan, Shanxi, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places of colleges and universities." Fei Hongbiao said, "have a definite object in view" to find suitable talent in science and technology, science and technology play an important role in the economic transformation and upgrading of talents in.
    In the visit, fee Hongbiao understand Jian Yang is currently developing environmental friendly adhesive, in exchange, he said if the adhesive can be used in the footwear industry, believe that construction can effectively boost "Shimen shoes city town". Fei Hongbiao told reporters, "Jian Yang has good R & D strength, coupled with the technical improvement is still a considerable space, I believe the future will promote the economic transformation of Shimen town." A learned of the situation, the town of Shimen sent to Sichuan Clean Technology National Engineering Laboratory for scientific and technological cooperation opportunities.
    In April this year, the team of experts Professor at the Sichuan University, Sichuan clean technology national engineering laboratory into the "Jian Yang Chemical", for the use of adhesive research and development work of environment-friendly shoes give counsel, the project is currently actively docking.