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Joyachem Introduction Super Fiber Adhesive

  • Update:28-09-2016
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    Super Fiber Adhesive is the basic composition of cellul […]

    Super Fiber Adhesive is the basic composition of cellulose (C6H10O5) no ordinary adhesive  fiber cross-section was zigzag-shaped core structure, the vertical straight horizontal groove. While the fiber-rich core structure, cross-section was round.

    Adhesive fiber has a good hygroscopicity, in general atmospheric conditions, the moisture regain about 13%. Significant expansion after moisture absorption, diameter increase of up to 50%, so the fabric after the water feel hard, shrinkage.

    The tensile strength of ordinary adhesive fiber is less than that of cotton, about 1.6 ~ 2.7cN / dtex; the breaking elongation is higher than that of cotton, 16% ~ 22%; the wet strength is much lower, about 50% of dry strength; Length increase of about 50%. Its modulus is lower than that of cotton, it is easy to deform under small load, and the elastic recovery property is poor, so the fabric is easy to elongate and the dimensional stability is poor. The strength of fiber-rich, especially the wet strength than ordinary adhesive high, breaking elongation is small, good dimensional stability. Ordinary adhesive wear resistance is poor, while the rich fiber is improved.

    The chemical composition of adhesive fiber and cotton are similar, so more alkali-resistant and acid-resistant, but alkali-resistant acid poor than cotton. Rich fiber has good alkali resistance and acid resistance. The same adhesive fiber dyeing and cotton similar to the whole chromatographic dyeing, dyeing performance is good. In addition, the thermal properties of adhesive fibers and cotton are similar to the density of cotton is 1.50 ~ 1.52g / cm3.

    The hydroxyl groups of the macromolecules of cellulose are prone to various chemical reactions. Therefore, the adhesive fiber can be modified by grafting or the like to improve the properties of the adhesive fiber and to produce various special-purpose fibers.

    General adhesive fiber moisture absorption, easy to dye, not easy to static electricity, have good spinning performance. Staple fiber can be pure spinning, can also be blended with other textile fibers, fabric soft, smooth, breathable, comfortable, dyed bright color, good color fastness. Suitable for making underwear, coat and a variety of decorative items. Filament fabric texture thin, in addition to apply for clothing but also can be woven surface and decorative fabric. The shortcomings of such adhesive fiber is poor fastness, low wet modulus, high shrinkage and easy to deformation, elasticity and wear resistance is poor.