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Laminated Adhesive Is Used In The Dominant Market

  • Update:10-07-2017
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    When using our advanced lamination adhesive technology, […]

    When using our advanced lamination adhesive technology, your overall resources will benefit. You can save time, money and materials while creating viable solutions for market applications and possibilities. Adhesives on laminates allow for easy application, which means that resources can be saved.

    The need for alternative fastening options for a variety of high-performance movie products is unnecessary. Applications in the application of other difficult tires may be a challenge because of the wide variety of applications in the military, medical and biopharmaceuticals, aerospace, power components and food processing industries. The adhesive backing material is typically used in the case of a mechanical fastener that does not require the application of a film. This allows these high-performance films to have peel and paste options, rather than some other less effective or simplified methods to attach them.

    Our laminated adhesives cover a full range of laminating applications with solvent and solvent-free products to meet any flexible packaging requirements from medical packaging to tea and coffee packaging. Solvent-free products are specifically designed to meet the latest food regulations and high-speed production of environmentally friendly low-cost adhesive. This makes these adhesives suitable for general purpose applications such as films for candy, salted snacks, bakeries, meat and cheese packages to film and film to metallized films.

    Laminated adhesives provide a very versatile, easy-to-handle and fast-curing adhesive that can withstand the harshness of cooking applications in food packaging and provide superior performance in packaging to withstand the most aggressive ingredient. Solvent-based adhesives are well suited for general film-film lamination with high adhesion strength, low solvent retention and good wetting of cheese and meat vacuum packaging.

    At present, laminated adhesives are widely used in the dominant market. However, with the increasing pressure on environmentally friendly environments, laminating adhesives are expected to reach the fastest growth, more than solvent-based. In particular, the demand for adhesives in the Asia-Pacific region is growing. This is due to the increase in population and the largest amount of food packaging. As a result, the number and current value of the region are the largest. However, markets in Europe and North America, as well as in India, China, Brazil and Russia, are expected to continue.