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Lamination Adhesive effect

  • Update:24-09-2016
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    In the printing and packaging industry after the step o […]

    In the printing and packaging industry after the step of laminating prints to improve the brightness, enhanced water resistance. For people living provides a better visual effect. With a variety of advanced technology, advanced equipment, advanced emerging glue, Fumo there are some new Lamination Adhesive trends.

    1 The proportion of water-based laminating widening, oily adhesive close out of the market.

    The rise of the domestic preliminary laminating process, all using solvent-based adhesives. SIS is generally one-component oil-based plastic and two-component polyurethane adhesive oil. With the development of science and technology, water-based adhesive forming gradually improve, people increasingly realize that the solvent-based adhesive harm: A, the operator of large damage, because the solvent benzene and esters will from people body surface into the human body fluids, and then enters the blood, prolonged contact with large doses cause the body accumulates too much, resulting in a variety of conditions. B, flammable, hazard level is high, thus causing heavy losses to the country often found report. C, high cost. D increased VOC emissions, environmental pollution. E, long-term residual solvent in the article, the late harm users. The water-based adhesive successfully overcome the above drawbacks.

    2 With the gradual improvement of the water-based adhesive production technology, cost and special performance even more outstanding.

    1. The earliest application and popularization of water-based adhesive is VAE class adhesive. The adhesive high brightness, strong ability to cover meal, excellent operating performance. But its high cost, poor adhesion, poor low temperature performance.

    2. Acrylate polymer emulsion successful styling and gradual improvement in the adhesive in an amount of water-based adhesive for large scale ushered in the spring. Acrylic adhesive adhesive power, cost-effective, adaptable, successfully overcome the shortcomings of VAE-based aqueous adhesive.

    3. Aqueous dry composite ascendant:


    With water-based glue dry complex sophisticated, more and more people prefer to use water-based glue dry compound. Although cold glue paste complex machine small footprint, low power consumption, simple operation. Fumo but finished very poor, poor adaptability of gold and silver ink, mainly the many high-end products, the dry lamination will the wider prospects.

    In addition, water-based glue dry complex can be successfully applied in the oil laminating machine, so for the whole industry has made important contributions to water-based.

    Use of technology

    1. Composite dry complex way, that there is the use of confidential Fumo bake, composite roll can be heated in the dry compound.

    2. Bake for about a temperature of about 60-95 ℃. Composite pressure roll temperature of about 40-70 ℃, the composite pressure of about about 8-20 kg.

    3. Recommended under the conditions allowed, the glue is drying to dry 7-9 as appropriate, under these conditions the composite finished higher brightness and faster speed. In such complex conditions, the temperature should composite pressure roll dropped to below 50 ℃, composite materials to prevent big bubble; the pressure should be reduced slightly to glue, not to be out appropriate.

    4. Indian gold seal for easy color change reaction product or silver ink and gold and silver cardboard, the glue must be completely dry.

    5. When using glue is completely dry process, composite pressure roll temperature without burn film as high as possible, the greater the pressure, the better.