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Lamination Adhesive Requires Materials Can be Wetted

  • Update:14-11-2017
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    Lamination is a combination of two or more materials th […]

    Lamination is a combination of two or more materials that can be used as a backing on webs or webs. Among  lamination adhesive, synthetic resins are predominantly used in popularity, and urethane resins are particularly widely used in view of good adhesive properties, durability, heat resistance and the like, and can be widely used in various films and the like.

    Lamination adhesive can give materials a variety of different properties. Most users using radiation-curing adhesives use a continuous web feed. UV or EB laminating adhesives can be formulated into various viscosities at 100% solids to suit a wide range of coating equipment.

    One of the properties required for lamination adhesives is that the adhesive exhibits good wettability to the film substrate. In general, the step of applying an adhesive in the method of producing a laminated film is to apply an adhesive on a film moving at a high speed. Thus, the "wettability" required for laminating adhesives includes not only the usual "static wettability" but also the "dynamic wettability" of the film at high speeds. Since laminating adhesives, which are now well-known in the art, lack the properties in this respect, they often cause problems such as poor appearance of laminated films and poor adhesive strength due to poor coating of the adhesive.

    Specially developed polyester acrylates, urethane acrylates and epoxy acrylates can be used as the main component in the production of lamination adhesives to meet different practical requirements. Some substrates, such as polyethylene, are difficult to laminate, even with radiation curable adhesives, using conventional methods. However, the development of lamination adhesives for these films poses no insurmountable difficulty for adhesive manufacturers. With EB cured laminating adhesives, the line speed can reach 300 m / min.