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Polyurethane adhesive is with Excellent Adhesion Properties

  • Update:16-03-2017
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    Polyurethane adhesive is an important part of the rapid […]

    Polyurethane adhesive is an important part of the rapidly developing polyurethane resin, with excellent performance, in many areas have been widely used, is one of the eight major synthetic adhesives.

    Polyurethane glue is not the mortar you run. On the contrary, it is one of the strongest and most common glue on the market. Granite, marble, glass, Formica, concrete, brick, stone, glass fiber, porcelain, wood, plastic, leather and rubber can be quickly bonded with polyurethane glue. In addition, polyurethane glue is waterproof, and can withstand extreme heat and cold, so no need to worry about using it on dishes, or storing repaired items outside.

    Polyurethane adhesive has excellent rubber properties, can adapt to different thermal expansion coefficient of the substrate bonding, it is formed between the substrate with a soft - hard transition layer, not only strong adhesion, but also has excellent buffer, Earthquake function. Polyurethane adhesives have low temperature and ultra low temperature properties over all other types of adhesives.

    On the principle of polyurethane glue, you only need to know that no matter what kind of polyurethane adhesive, are the system of isocyanate groups and the system or the system outside the active hydrogen containing substances react, the formation of polyurethane groups or polyurea, so that the system greatly enhance the strength and achieve the purpose of bonding.

    Most polyurethane adhesives do not immediately have a high bond strength when bonded, but also need to be cured. The so-called curing refers to the liquid adhesive into a solid process, the curing process also includes post-aging, that is, after the initial curing of the reactive groups in the reaction or further crystallization, to obtain the final curing strength. For polyurethane adhesives, the curing process is to make the reaction of the NCO group in the glue completely, or the solvent is completely evaporated, the molecular chain of the polyurethane chain, the adhesive and the substrate to produce a high enough adhesion process.