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Precautions of Hot Melt Adhesive Glue

  • Update:31-05-2017
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    Hot melt adhesive glue use a wide range, such as with t […]

    Hot melt adhesive glue use a wide range, such as with the equipment and prices can become a cost-effective materials. The packaging industry accounts for more than 50% of the hot melt application market. These packaging materials include pleated cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes, canned materials, tapes and other laminated materials. Non-woven textile, including sanitary napkins, paper diapers, clothing fit, suture and so on. Weaving products include clothing, sewing edge, tape, carpet gum. Office supplies include tape, documents, self-adhesive labels, envelopes, file folders. Parts combinations include soft drinks, electronics, book packaging, furniture, shoes, handicrafts do it yourself, as well as carpentry, plywood and so on.

    Due to the application of a wide range of hot melt, its pollution-free, pollution-free features, but also in the replacement of solvent-based, there is a great advantage. But because of its characteristics on the restrictions. In the application should also be special attention. Here are a few. Melt viscosity is an important indicator of the operation, because the use of hot melt adhesive must be by means of a heater, that is, coating machine.

    Generally speaking, different industries, different uses, different physical properties, different coating machines, coating methods, determines the melt viscosity. It should be noted here that from the same use, but because of different manufacturers of coating machines and methods, the viscosity of cooked sol is also different. The use of hot melt adhesive to heat as the medium, colloid after cooling is completed. So the use of the operating time must pay attention to the control. Hot melt adhesive due to its physical properties, so in the case of constant temperature heat resistance between 40 ℃ to 65 ℃.

    In today's increasingly vigorous environmental protection, with non-toxic, high security, and then the advantages of strong hot melt adhesive, can solve the current transport packaging on the package does not apply to the problem, I believe hot melt adhesives in the technical aspects continue to improve, Solve the viscosity and the use of the scope of the concerns, the future demand for hot melt will be more to enhance.