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PUR Adhesive Has a Unique Advantage

  • Update:11-04-2017
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    Polyurethane adhesive, the main component of polyuretha […]

    Polyurethane adhesive, the main component of polyurethane resin or prepolymer, and then with a variety of additives such as catalysts, antioxidants, tackifiers and fillers. After processing at room temperature can be strip, granular, powder and film, etc., when used to heat to a certain temperature melting and coating in the bonding substrate, and then curing and play a bonding effect. Polyurethane adhesives present on the market are mainly two-component and one-component solution. They often need to consume a lot of organic flux and thinner, the higher the cost of production, curing because of low boiling point organic matter can cause environmental pollution.

    In recent years, the development of polyurethane adhesives is to overcome the above shortcomings, storage, carrying more convenient, the use of non-metering and mixed operation, and does not contain organic flux, the use of pollution does not pollute the environment, is environmentally friendly materials, People favor. The glue can be used for textile, footwear, books, wireless binding, food packaging, wood processing, construction, automotive components such as bonding. According to the curing mechanism, can be divided into thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer, reactive hot melt type and acrylic three types of polyurethane hot melt adhesive and so on.

    PUR adhesive does not contain water and solvent, solid content of 100%, is a high-performance environmentally friendly adhesive, which adapt to the increasing importance of the environment at home and abroad needs. It has excellent overall performance compared with ordinary hot melt adhesive. It has a common hot melt adhesive solvent-free, high initial viscosity, fast positioning and other characteristics of the assembly, but also has a reactive liquid adhesive unique water, heat, cold, creep resistance and resistance to media and other properties. Its sizing temperature and lower than the ordinary hot melt adhesive, can be used for some plastic parts bonding, composite, much modern automation assembly industry favor.

    PUR Adhesive from more than 20 years ago was successfully developed since the highly favored, has been in Europe and the United States and Japan and other industrial countries have been more and more development. Although it is still in its initial stage in China, but has been accepted by more and more people. But because of technical reasons, China is still more dependent on imports.