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PUR Adhesive Has Better Stability and Durability

  • Update:31-08-2017
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    A PUR adhesive is a non-metallic media material that is […]

    A PUR adhesive is a non-metallic media material that is an object that is intimately connected to another object. Between the two sticky surface, the binder only a very thin layer of volume, but the use of adhesive to complete the bonding process, the resulting plastic parts and mechanical properties and physical and chemical properties, to meet the actual needs Of the requirements.

    Polymer-based synthetic adhesives provide very good thermal stability and have a longer shelf life. In addition, preheating is not always necessary because they work well at moderate room temperature and have excellent ice resistance. In addition, they provide a very good mileage, fast setup time, and have clean running characteristics and easy metering, especially on very high speed machines. However, when a very cold and wet label application is involved, the polymer-based adhesive is retained as a casein-based adhesive because the manufacturer is retained due to its washing performance. The introduction of this technology into the early stages of the world is the rinse problem and the caustic bath bubble building.

    Mixing synthetic Adhesives Use a mixture of natural and synthetic materials. They are closest to the excellent wet stickiness of casein-based adhesives and are combined with faster settling times. In addition, the mixed adhesive cold water resistance is higher than pure synthetic adhesive, its wider range of applications. When it comes to a wide range of applications, mixed adhesives are less than casein-based adhesives, although they are superior to synthetic adhesives in this respect.

    In any case, none of the synthetic adhesive is best. In contrast, adhesives with specific application and end use requirements are desirable. In order to assess whether a particular adhesive is suitable for a product, it is necessary to evaluate in detail the desired requirements and end-use expectations to best determine the most suitable binder.