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PUR Adhesive is a Great Option For Environmentally

  • Update:24-08-2017
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    Polyurethane or PUR is a synthetic material consisting […]

    Polyurethane or PUR is a synthetic material consisting of a plurality of organic units joined by urethane linkages. It is classified as a polymer because it has a molecular structure consisting of similar units in the repeating chain. The use of PUR in adhesives is a relatively new development. In the 1990s, PUR adhesive is commonly used for packaging, carpentry and shoes. They are highly flexible and can withstand a variety of heat settings, making them ideal for substrates that are difficult to bond.

    In addition, the PUR adhesive has a low volatile organic compound (VOC) content compared to conventional hot melt materials. Since many volatile organic compounds are hazardous air pollutants, having a lower volatile organic content makes the PUR binder environmentally friendly. After the application of the adhesive, the use of dry and ventilated equipment on site can also be eliminated by the use of PUR adhesives.

    PUR adhesives are ideal for handling difficult substrates that require a certain degree of flexibility. Like EVA hot melt adhesives, PUR adhesives are ideal for carton closure, sealing and pallet stability. However, PUR offers greater adhesion and better curing than traditional hot melt adhesives, making it an ideal alternative to the harsh industrial packaging industry. In addition, PUR adhesives can be provided in a clear form, making it easy to hide any gluing lines to make the material continuous.

    Due to the particularity of PUR materials, care should be taken when using and storing PUR hot melt adhesives. You can extend the shelf life of the PUR adhesive by storing the PUR adhesive in a cool, dry location foil bag. Care should be taken not to expose any PUR tubing to a humid environment. At the end of the work, squeeze 1 inch of the adhesive beads to ensure that all the air is extracted from the tube, thus effectively maintaining its preservation. You can also use a purge cleaner to prevent the PUR from hardening inside the nozzle. Most PUR cartridges also provide detailed instructions on how to store the product correctly.