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PUR Adhesive is an Irresistible Item for Human

  • Update:12-06-2017
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    PUR adhesive first came out in 88 years, when experts h […]

    PUR adhesive first came out in 88 years, when experts have claimed that this is an irresistible adhesive products, is an innovation, will go beyond the traditional wireless binding process, so that difficult to do the processing of production to a new The steps. After more than a decade of development, PUR glue is becoming more and more popular on UV coated paper and high-filled paper. It is also very suitable for use in books and brochures that require high-strength external forces, such as computer manuals, Exposure to extreme temperature environments or temperature fluctuates in bookbinding areas such as car manuals and maps.

    PUR adhesives are mass-produced PUR pastes with active end groups, and crosslinking reactions occur when the reactive terminal groups are exposed to a humid air or the humidity of the paper reaches a certain level. After the topsum is wetted, it can penetrate well into the paper to achieve higher viscosity and higher paper tension. After crosslinking, the PUR film exhibits a high inherent strength (cohesion), which results in a very durable adhesive film. PUR film is not only sensitive to printing ink and solvent, but also has a strong durability.

    If you use the PUR hot melt binding manual, you can use it in an ultra-cold or hot environment. PUR wireless binding books can be safely in the 120 ° C environment, there will be no loss of quality, in addition to minus 40 degrees in the environment can also maintain a good plasticity.

    Despite so many advantages, but by the end of 1988, only two German book binding enterprises using PUR hot melt adhesive technology for wireless plastic equipment. To be sure that performance is not a problem, PUR technology has been well verified in many market segments. One of the biggest obstacles to development is the need for a transformation of the equipment, especially the response of the system. Such as plastic box, after a period of time will be covered with thick adhesive, only after cleaning to get rid of. In addition, it is necessary to reduce the temperature and pressure of the adhesive, the operating temperature must be in the optimized state.