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Pur Adhesive is The Latest Development of Hot Melt World

  • Update:08-08-2017
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    Basically, you can choose PUR adhesive or Ethylene Viny […]

    Basically, you can choose PUR adhesive or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA). EVA is a good general purpose adhesive, but can not be properly bonded to some paper and ink applications, plus in the case of rough handling or extreme temperatures may fail. On the other hand, PUR uses molecular bonds to fix the cover and the page, resulting in a stronger and more flexible spine.

    PUR adhesives or reactive polyurethane adhesives are a better binder than EVA binders, which is not a secret. Many companies used to prefer EVA glue in the past because it was a cheap alternative. Countless companies do not know over the years, PUR adhesive prices have been declining, and now the advantage of price difference is significant.

    PUR adhesive is the latest development of hot melt world. They are polymerized at the time of use to form a much stronger bond than the other hot melt. It is quite flexible and can be used over a wide range of temperatures over most hot melt. PUR glue is usually used for perfect binding as binding adhesive. The chemicals that occur in the glue absorb moisture from the air. PUR glue is very powerful and flexible, and uses the perfect binding method to work beautifully as a book adhesive in difficult work. Like most hot melt adhesives, they will cure immediately, although PUR glue requires 24 hours of cure time. Common uses of PUR gums include binding of vertebral glue in certain binding applications.

    Simply put, PUR is the most durable adhesive that is available for all perfect binding works, regardless of the type of paper or ink used. If quality and durability are important to you, always select PUR adhesive. It will ensure that you are protected by the following issues: PUR bound books on the pages are still firmly fixed on the spine. In fact, books made with PUR adhesives are almost impossible. In addition, unlike EVA, PUR is ideal for pages with smooth gloss. Because the PUR adhesive produces a very strong bond, it is still very soft and the books bound to PUR are able to withstand the severity of repeated opening and closing. In addition, the flexibility of the PUR adhesive prevents the book from opening when opening or opening the book.