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Pur Adhesives Have Been Widely Used In Lives

  • Update:14-07-2017
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    The PUR adhesive may be defined as a material for adhes […]

    The PUR adhesive may be defined as a material for adhesion when the flowability is used in use. In geometry, the surface is a two-dimensional geometry, which limits the space filled with matter, that is, the theoretical surface. In mechanics, the surface is defined as the edge of the material body, which can be analyzed in molecular scale, micro-size and macro size. There are some adhesion theories based on surface chemistry phenomena. In some special cases, pure adsorption or electrical adsorption or diffusion attraction is found at the bond interface.

    Think of all the PUR adhesives on the market today. There are so many binders that are almost incredible. When you use photos, you may need to use photo sticks. This is an adhesive that is different from conventional sticks. Photos sticks are especially used for photos that will not damage your photos. You can also use the photo corner when you want to paste a photo onto the scrapbook appointment page.

    Vellum is a very difficult paper in the adhesive. Because parchment can be seen through what you need to be careful when you stick it into something. If you do not use the right adhesive, you will be able to see the adhesive through kraft paper, which is not attractive. Looking for adhesive used only for kraft paper, you will be able to easily use this special paper and the final product will look cute.

    There are also liquid binders and pastes that can be used for specific scrapbook needs. When you paste the paper onto the paper, you will need an adhesive that is different from the PUR adhesive metal paper. Professional art designers regularly use PUR adhesives that require extremely reliable materials. The hard craftsmanship you see at the store often uses very heavy work, almost indestructible adhesives. Glass adhesives are a good example of what they often work with the design.