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PUR Adhesives Increase The Flexibility of Books

  • Update:16-11-2017
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    The use of PUR adhesive has become more common in the i […]

    The use of PUR adhesive has become more common in the industry over the past few years. This is the result of more adhesives providing PUR adhesion and improved bonding and bonding technologies that make PUR an economical solution for short term projects. We also noticed the advantages of PUR in printers and designers. If we have previously suggested using PUR in projects that require PUR, customers are now designing products that use PUR.

    If you want to show your company, product, or service in the best possible way, PUR adhesive bonding will only be more effective than using two major adhesives. And: Adhesive bonding is an option for brochures thicker than 5-7 mm, as binding is no longer needed here. To ensure that your customers have a high-quality and durable booklet in hand, consider the following when preparing your print data.

    Cover should be coated with a thin film. This makes brochures better quality and better feel. The movie also offers the perfect protection against scratches, fingerprints or coffee stains. But be careful: if you have a black cover, the movie should be glossy or matte scratch! Choose PUR (polyurethane) as your binder. This glue is expensive, but it guarantees durability even with large temperature changes, such as winter or summer. If you use hot melt instead of PUR adhesive, then the risk will be greater.

    The combination of a thick coating material and a minimum volume often causes serious damage to the user-friendliness and exerts excessive pressure on the joined edges. Traditional hot melt adhesives tend to be stiffer, reducing the flexibility of the book and increasing the failure rate. PUR adhesives do not suffer from this problem because they are very thin and strong, yet retain their elasticity.