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Pur Glue Is Improved Its Flaws

  • Update:21-06-2017
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    The first generation of active PUR glue appeared in the […]

    The first generation of active PUR glue appeared in the late eighties and early nineties, dealing with sticky with rapid growth. At the beginning of the glue is not very strong viscosity, only the reaction can be obtained after a strong intensity, and in the glue after three to six days to achieve the best binding nature. So PUR glue binding products can not be immediately transported, only to achieve the best performance after the transport to ensure that will not damage the quality of the product.

    The second generation of PUR glue appeared in the late nineties, curing faster. Its curing time is shorter than three days, the final strength and availability are guaranteed. Now the third generation of PUR products have faster chemical reactivity, and its high-speed crosslinking properties can be cured in 6 to 16 hours.

    This new product offers lower handling tackiness, as well as better initial strength and viscosity stability, which are the necessary conditions for the plastic box fuser. While manufacturers have made significant improvements to processing equipment and technology, PUR glue still needs more attention than traditional products to determine every detail, especially during maintenance. Although the user has a certain limit on the cleaning of the accessories produced by the PUR chemical product, these removal products are very effective and can remove the residuals of the adhesive from the dirty boxes, glue pumps, hoses and nozzles and other related equipment substance. Even in the equipment of the cracks and cracks in the remaining glue can be removed.

    Since the late eighties, PUR has been from a very attractive technology innovation to now have hundreds of Postpress experts are willing to apply the advanced technology. PUR glue can meet the needs of wireless binding, side coating, backing glue all the needs of the completion of riding and wire binding book binding. They can provide excellent stability, fast curing and other characteristics.