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PUR Glue is Not The Release of Toxic Substances

  • Update:21-09-2017
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    PUR glue has three characteristics, which determine the […]

    PUR glue has three characteristics, which determine the PUR glue compared to other glue, in the field of electronic products more advantages. First, PUR glue after curing the strong adhesion, high strength, to meet the vast majority of electronic products bonding requirements. Second, PUR glue compared to other electronic glue, easier to control the thickness of the glue, so to meet the current narrow frame phone design requirements. PUR glue is a thermoplastic polyurethane, the use of PUR adhesive products easier to disassemble and repair.

    PUR glue is a high bond strength of the cross-linked structural adhesive, mainly used for mobile phone touch screen and frame bonding, because the tempered glass screen spray treatment, it can only use non-corrosive adhesive. And the traditional process than the polyurethane tape to the changes are revolutionary. The traditional bonding, whether it is a single component, or a two-component, glue curing speed is very slow, before the glue needs to have been pressed with the press to press the workpiece.

    In the past, people's understanding of adhesion was only in strength, and the actual force of the composite material was due to the internal stress generated by the different coefficients of thermal expansion of the different materials due to ambient temperature changes. If the bond is not elastic, the huge internal stress is likely to damage the adhesive or cause material deformation. Now some manufacturers have developed a polyurethane adhesive has a good stretch resilience, which greatly improved the reliability of the product and application.

    Since the PUR glue composition is 100% solids, there are no organic volatile components (VOCs) and no drying equipment is required, thus avoiding the environmental problems associated with solvent products and drying solvent products and Water-based products do not contain any solvent, curing process and curing will not release any harmful ingredients, fully meet people's environmental requirements for home. Recently developed a clean room, sterile room, medical and other high-end products.