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PUR Glue Offers Greater Adhesion

  • Update:20-04-2017
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    PUR glue has a combination of different positive proper […]

    PUR glue has a combination of different positive properties in a variety of unique adhesives. PUR gums are not found in the normal form of sticks or bulk particles but are melted from the solid prior to application and are usually dispensed from similar to the caulked binder. PUR is solidified by moisture in the air to form a super bond that will not melt again. High temperature and low temperature PUR adhesives are available, so when using PUR products, please make sure to use the correct applicator.

    Because PUR glue is so durable, it is ideal for a variety of applications. PUR is usually used for woodworking and many other applications, requiring superior retention times and setup times very fast. PUR is set in five seconds and will not be re-melted, which is good for the following applications. For example, carpentry, decorative, broken glassware, wooden frame, drawer components, shoe repair, carpet stickers, laminated countertops, ceramic lawn ornaments, peeling wallpaper, tables and chairs maintenance, paneling, wall panels, ceramics ceiling tiles, interior decoration, floor threshold, handicrafts, sports equipment and so on.

    PUR glue does provide a stronger adhesion than conventional hot melt adhesives. This is because the PUR gum forms a strong initial bond and then continues to increase as the binder reacts with moisture in the air. This is a chemical process known as cross-linking, where the PUR hot melt adheres to the bonded object and itself forms a strong permanent bond.

    How to extend the shelf life of the pur glue? If unopened, the adhesive should be stored in a cool, dry bag. Do not expose PUR glue to rain or moisture. Before closing the day, squeeze one inch of the adhesive beads to ensure that the air can be drawn out. Remember, do not put the glue in a high temperature environment, otherwise it will lose its function.