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Reasons of Food Packaging Adhesive is Needed

  • Update:22-08-2017
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    In the global context, food packaging continue to go be […]

    In the global context, food packaging continue to go beyond environmental protection, high-speed, accurate, fully automated direction. The hot melt sealing process will gradually replace the traditional bundled packaging and tape packaging, which has a good packaging quality, beautiful appearance and low cost advantages. Hot melt adhesive sealing process, is the use of hot melt welding machine to melt the hot melt into a liquid, and then through the hot melt pipe and spray gun, sent to the carton surface, hot melt adhesive after the completion of bonding. It can meet the requirements of carton sealing. So, hot melt adhesive is also a food packaging adhesive.

    Food packaging cartons in the transport process, must be able to withstand temperature and humidity changes and barbaric loading and unloading of the various indicators. However, the use of tape is more difficult to meet this requirement, because of its poor bonding strength, tensile strength is small, but also for the coating or oily cardboard sticky. The food packaging adhesive and wet material has a good binding force, strong penetration, in the corrugated paper and liner between the same time play a physical and chemical bonding, the overall strength of the carton after bonding, carton is not easy to deformation and Cracked.

    General food packaging adhesive storage period of up to 2 years, storage area is small, no special storage requirements; and tape storage is valid for only six months, also requires a certain storage conditions, or easy to degenerate. In addition, the adhesive also provides a good anti-theft function, due to adhesive penetration into the corrugated, any attempt to open the carton will tear the fiber. Tape can be cut with a knife, unknowingly remove the contents and re-sealed.

    Today, businesses require packaging in the delivery of goods at the same time, but also through the packaging design to convey the product design and corporate image. Therefore, the appearance of the factors that impede the less the better. Tape often obscures the image, interferes with the delivery of packaging information; and food packaging adhesives are bonded between the flaps, providing greater display space.