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Several Common Adhesives Agent in Our Lives

  • Update:05-04-2017
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    Adhesives agent are one of the most important auxiliary […]

    Adhesives agent are one of the most important auxiliary materials, and are widely used in many fields. The adhesive is a viscous material that connects the two separate materials together by their adhesive properties. There are many types of adhesives. Life we often use a tile adhesive, high temperature adhesives, skin adhesives and so on.

    Today, mainly talk about several common adhesives agent, sub-ordinary type, polymer, heavy brick type, mainly used for pasting tiles, tiles, floor tiles and other decorative materials, widely applicable to the inside and outside the wall, floor, bathroom, kitchen and other buildings Decoration place. Its main feature is the high bonding strength, water resistance, resistance to freeze-thaw, anti-aging performance and construction convenience, is a very good bonding material.

    High temperature adhesives, are inorganic copper oxide material, using a special high temperature solution, high temperature 1800 degrees. Used for bonding various carbide and ceramic turning tools, milling cutters, drills or gears. It is not only strong adhesion and non-corrosive to the metal matrix, but also to maintain good adhesion at high temperatures and corrosion resistance, long service life.

    Skin adhesives are a medical glue that binds to smaller skin wounds. The emergence of medical glue for tissue repair provides a new method, there are traditional surgical suture can not match the advantages. In the debridement surgery with medical glue instead of suture, you can effectively use the antibacterial effect of the glue to avoid postoperative suture rejection.

    No matter what type of adhesive agent has a certain shelf life, which is related to storage conditions such as humidity, temperature, ventilation and so on. In order to ensure that the adhesive within the specified period of time the basic performance of the same, strict attention to the method of keeping the adhesive is necessary. For different types of adhesive, because of its different nature, storage conditions are not the same.