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Solvent Based Adhesive are Environmentally Friendly

  • Update:28-04-2017
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    In this age of environmental awareness, no matter what […]

    In this age of environmental awareness, no matter what kind of viable alternative, to avoid the use of solvents. However, for some adhesive applications, solvent based adhesive is the most suitable choice, although in recent years there are many technical developments to improve the ability of water-based adhesives. This may be due to customer performance requirements to ensure the continued use of existing equipment, or to have the special requirements of the user to remain competitive.

    When solvent based adhesive must keep the products produced in a lifetime for the same time, they can withstand high temperatures, chemicals, water or all of these three, and may require solvent-based technology.

    Solvent based adhesives are considered to be suitable for particularly wide use, but not all. Because solvent-like adhesives are considered to be dangerous, as in the case of polymer binders, and timing effects may be relatively large, which is the biggest concern for some consumers. This type of adhesive consists of a mixture of two parts. These components are polymers and solvents. With the occurrence of certain factors, the solvent elements in the mixture are evaporated over time to harden the adhesive and produce bonds. Solvent based adhesive is considered to work with many materials, but not all.

    Although the solvent may not be essentially "green", it does not mean that they can not contribute to sustainability. If the use of solvent based adhesive means that the assembled articles continue for a longer period of time before decomposition, the raw materials and waste treatment can be saved. Likewise, a more environmentally friendly decision may be the main reason for the continued use of solvent-borne products for a while if a more environmentally friendly adhesive is meant to throw away the production line and its equipment before its end of its life.

    At present, Solvent based adhesive applications are more in the developed countries, but now in China, its promotion, development is still very slow. Except for the lack of funds, but also because the relevant equipment is more expensive, and the requirements of workers is relatively high. So the development of solvent-based adhesives also need a long time.