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Solvent Based Adhesive Bring More Convenience to Life

  • Update:11-03-2017
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    The adhesive is a compound that binds two different ite […]

    The adhesive is a compound that binds two different items together. Initially, the binder was derived from gums and resins from different plants, but now it is a very strong source of synthetic binder and gradually forms a solid foothold in the construction chemical industry.

    They use a wide range from micro to macro levels in our daily lives. From the shampoo to the packaging of small sachets to fix a full-length mirror to its frame, the adhesive is used around us. From machinery to chemistry, even in the home industry, you can not rule out the constant contribution of adhesives. They are popular because of their ease of use, versatility and flexibility.

    Adhesives have many uses. They are inseparable from our lives, we forget their presence. But if we look around, we will find that in every aspect of our daily life we use some kind of adhesive, whether it is furniture, gadgets or toys.Their use in food packaging and for construction uses forcing manufacturers to research and manufacture different types to suit different needs. Some are poisonous, they are used in industry. Some are mild, without any kind of toxins. They are used to make children's toys, baby products or food packaging.Some are waterproof and non-toxic. For example, use an adhesive in an ice cream package. Liquid will reduce the quality of adhesion. So you need a strong and non-toxic adhesive that does not separate when it comes into contact with water or any other kind of liquid.

    One of the greatest advantages of adhesive use is that it distributes the stress load uniformly. It does not let the stress be concentrated in one place. Locally accumulated stress further increases the possibility of rupture. Apart from that, since mating surfaces are always in contact, it protects the items against many environmental odds. The continuous bonding makes this possible.

    Another notable feature of the solvent based adhesive is that it does not significantly affect the weight of the article. Usually brazing and welding, as well as physical changes, also bring weight changes. But with adhesives, this change is almost negligible. The versatility of this adhesive is known to everyone, and the same is reflected in its various uses.