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Solvent Based Adhesive Can Be Used With Many Materials

  • Update:23-06-2017
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    In this age of environmental awareness, no matter what […]

    In this age of environmental awareness, no matter what kind of viable alternative, to avoid the use of solvents. However, solvent based adhesive solutions are the most suitable choice for some adhesive applications, although many techniques have been developed in recent years to improve the ability of aqueous formulations. This may be due to customer performance requirements to ensure the continued use of existing equipment, or to have the special requirements of the user to remain competitive.

    When the adhesive binder must be kept together for a long time, the product can withstand high temperatures, chemicals, water or three, and solvent-based techniques may be required. Its strength, versatility, durability and reliability are critical to today's diverse products such as double-sided tape, automotive protective film, washers, seals, mounts, metal plate structures, window frames, electronic equipment screens and Medical equipment.

    While solvent based adhesive may not be inherently "green", this does not mean that they can not contribute to sustainable development. The use of a solvent-based adhesive means that the assembled article lasts longer before decomposition, saving raw material and waste treatment. Likewise, if a more environmentally friendly adhesive is meant to throw away the production line and its equipment before its end of its life, the more environmentally friendly decision may be the continued use of the solvent product for a period of time.

    Solvent based adhesive are also considered to be suitable for particularly wide use, but not all. As with polymer-based adhesives, it is known that solvent based adhesive adhesives containing solvents are of concern to some people, although the presence of solvent levels is considered non-hazardous and disappears after a few weeks. This type of adhesive consists of a mixture of two parts. These components are polymers and solvents. What happens is that the solvent elements in the mixture evaporate over time, harden the adhesive and produce the desired bond. Solvent based adhesives are considered to work with many materials, but not all, and therefore worthy of advice.